Park City Group’s mission is to help you…


Sell More, Stock Less & See Everything


Sounds simple, but how will we do that? Park City Group gathers information from retailers and suppliers and executes strategic analysis that aligns interests and provides enhanced visibility for the key participants in the supply chain that leads to corrective action. The key to alignment is getting supplier behavior to change from a sell TO model to one where they sell THROUGH their retail partners. The focus has to shift from filling up warehouses, stores and shelves with products to one of selling more items through the register.

…it starts with the Scan.


  • Register
  • Shelf
  • Inventory / Backroom


  • DSD Supplier
  • Distribution Center
  • Cross Docking


  • Short Term Planning
  • Long Term Planning
  • Raw Materials
Retailers: How would your business benefit if you could…

  • Do Category Analysis, Improve Out-of-Stock
  • Reduce Inventory and Shrink
  • Improve Working Capital and Service

Suppliers: How would your retailer relationships improve if you could…

  • Improve Retail Execution and Reduce Out-of-Stocks
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies, Increase Sales
  • Reduce Inventory, Improve Service

Brokers: Imagine if you could help your customers…

  • Reduce Inventory, Improve Service
  • Improve Retail Execution
  • Improve Route and Resource Planning

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