Solving Supply Chain Problems for Suppliers

 “The world’s complex ‘just in time’ manufacturing supply chains are making it increasingly tough for suppliers, and any other single link in the chain, to know what’s going on just a few links away.” – Wall Street Journal, 2009

To solve supply chain problems, Park City Group’s Visibility solution begins with analysis that will allow you and your retail partners access to the same data – such as sales, returns, and promotions – providing visibility to the entire supply chain, from the consumer back to the factory floor. The major outcome for both parties is a substantial increase in sales and considerable reductions in out of stocks, which is what compels companies to take action.

The alignment towards improved sales and reduced out of stocks, with a focus on delivering the right product to the consumer and the ownership of outcome shared more directly with the supplier, results in significantly improved collaboration between the retailer and suppliers.

Learn how else Park City Group can solve problems in your supply chain and improve your business:

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