Reduce Inventory, Improve Service

“45% of retailers and 32% of suppliers report that inventory has increased beyond growth over the last three years.” – RSR Research, December 2008

Working together on inventory levels represents the most fundamental level of collaboration for retailers and their suppliers. Planning at a category level can hide a lot of sins in the detailed data. No such opportunity exists at the item level – it’s either right or it’s not; getting it wrong means either too much inventory or a stock-out.

Learn how Park City Group can help:

  • Distribution Center Procurement: will reduce your investment in inventory, free up precious warehouse space, and reduce cuts. But that’s just the beginning.
  • Store Ordering: optimizes store level demand forecasting, for regular turn merchandise and promotional products, and generates more accurate replenishment orders.
  • Fresh Market Manager: a fully integrated suite of applications that manage perishable items in retail environments.
  • ActionManager: a suite of operations management applications that replace costly paper-based manual processes with systems that substantially reduce overhead, non-productive labor costs, and excess headcount.

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