Improving Working Capital, Reduce Inventory and Shrink

The pace of change is accelerating, and the practices of a decade ago have to evolve if companies expect to remain strong and profitable.

The pressure for retailers to lean out inventory results in out-of-stocks, lost sales…and reduced consumer loyalty. Retailers have a need for more than scan based technology, they need a process that will reduce inventory, improve operating capital, reduce out-of-stock, increase sales and support the customer experience. And it wouldn’t hurt if all this came at low or no cost to the retailer. Could such a process exist?

Learn how Park City Group can help:

  • Scan Based Trading for Retail: provides retail trading partners with a distinct competitive advantage through scan sales that provides store level visibility and sets the supply chain in motion. And since it is scan based, it can be used in a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) or warehouse setting.

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