Solving Supply Chain Problems for Retailers

“The ability to compete at the speed of information will determine the winners and losers” –Randy Salley, Walmart

Winners don’t merely do the same things better, they tend to do things differently. They think differently. They plan differently. They respond differently. When Park City Group solves problems for retailers, it allows retailers to change how inventory is treated at both retail and wholesale or in their Distribution Center(s). The fundamental focus is establishing a new philosophy or strategy regarding the possession of inventory with the directive being to get the vendor to own the inventory. The net result is that millions of dollars of inventory and cash is freed up for the retailer and the vendor now has a vested interest in the performance of their goods.

The alignment towards improved sales and reduced out of stocks, with a focus on delivering the right product to the consumer and the ownership of outcome shared more directly with the supplier, results in significantly improved collaboration between the retailer and suppliers.  In addition, we believe that those retailers that take action first will have a major advantage versus their channel competitors as they will be better capitalized to take advantage of the current economic climate.

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