Solving Supply Chain Problems for Brokers

“65% of all retailers and suppliers put visibility into their top three business challenges.” – RSR Research, December 2008

When Park City Group solves problems in the supply chain for Brokers, it allows you to offer your clients access to the same data as their retail partners – such as sales, returns, and promotions. By providing visibility to the entire supply chain, from the consumer back to the factory floor, Park City Group provides the single greatest motivator for both trading partners – increased sales – and is what compels companies to take action.

This alignment towards improved sales and reduced out of stocks, with a focus on delivering the right product to the consumer, results in significantly improved collaboration between the retailer and suppliers. This improved collaboration will allow you perform your job more efficiently and effectively for your clients.

Learn how else Park City Group can solve problems in the supply chain for Brokers and can improve your business:

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