Technical Services

Make the Most of Your Park City Group Investment

Park City Group’s Technical Services makes sure you are utilizing your Park City Group solution to its fullest potential, and passing along the benefits it provides to your entire organization.

  • Technology Consulting: Park City Group offers a full range of technology consulting skills including installation and technical training of the Park City Group licensed modules, database setup, batch scripting and technical troubleshooting the Park City Group system.
  • Software Enhancements: Clients can accelerate delivery of software enhancements by funding the development effort. All feature development must be evaluated by Park City Group to ensure it fits with the product roadmap. The enhancement is rolled into the next software release or turn.
  • Database Migration Service: Park City Group recommends that clients stay current on the latest release of the software. To help with the upgrade process Park City Group can provide off-site upgrade of your database, requiring the customer simply upgrade or install the new software version on your server and restore the upgraded database. This approach saves time and minimizes risk by ensuring a properly migrated database.
  • On-line to Batch Conversion: Retailers or Suppliers will gain efficiencies by moving to a batch environment. This automated process will ensure more accurate data and faster business processes.
  • Database Health Check: For constrained IT departments, Park City Group offers this service which includes an extensive review of the configuration and health of the client’s database to ensure it is being maintained properly. This remote approach to database administration provides an inexpensive option to prevent failures.

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