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Protect your investment by keeping current on your Park City Group applications. There are upgrades, new features, changing business requirements, growth, promotions, turnover, etc. If your team is well-versed on the functionality and best practices around your Park City Group solution, there’ll be no stopping you! We offer different delivery programs, designed to meet needs, availability, and budget:

  • Park City Group Knowledge Exchange: Do you have new hires who need introduction to your business process, application usage, or system’s overview? Are you ready to get more out of your system? Have your business requirements changed? Park City Group Knowledge Exchange (PKE) is a series public training courses offered at Park City Group’s training facilities in Park City, UT.
  • On-Site Training: Do you shudder at the thought of trying to schedule your various staff members for an offsite training course? Do you have proprietary business issues that would be better suited to on-site training? Park City Group offers on-site training courses at your location. You’ll avoid costly travel arrangements and scheduling conflicts while Park City Group provides highly focused sessions … and your staff never has to leave the building!

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