Park City Group Awarded Patent for Real-Time, Multi-Language Conversion Technology

Dynamic Translation Capability Productized in Fresh Market Manager Software;
New Licensing Opportunities Eyed as Company Adds to Library of Intellectual Property

Park City Group, Inc. (OTCBB: PCYG), a leading provider of inventory and labor optimization solutions for retailers, today announced the approval of U.S. patent 7,113,904 B2, which is described as a “system and method for providing dynamic, multiple-language support for application programs.� The patented technology is a quick-switch tool that allows users to change the language of a software application in real time with a single mouse click.

The technology is currently available in Park City Group’s flagship product, Fresh Market Manager, which is used by supermarket retailers to manage perishable inventory. The translation capability allows co-workers who speak different languages to share the application without having to log in separately or save data in different repositories. Currently, the product supports English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai. However, there is no limit to the number of languages that can be added, and the company plans to expand its language offerings based on customer demand.

“This groundbreaking capability is a big win for our customers and could provide significant strategic benefits for our Company,� said Randall K. Fields, Park City Group’s chairman and chief executive officer. “In retail and grocery stores, it’s often the case that every employee doesn’t speak the same language. This can make communication difficult and can impact efficiency, productivity, decision making and planning. Our patented technology helps overcome this challenge by enabling seamless data sharing and reliable, accurate communication regardless of each employee’s language preference.�

He added, “Beyond our own products, this patent could create substantial licensing opportunities for Park City Group by allowing us to offer compelling functionality to software developers around the world. Any developer who wants to include real-time language changeover in an application could benefit from our technology. We are currently looking at ways to leverage our intellectual property into new revenue streams.

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