The Power of SBT
Park City Group has been the industry leader in Scan Based Trading (SBT), powered by Prescient, since 1999. SBT holds clear advantages from the retailer perspective – no inventory ownership, shared responsibility for shrink with suppliers. And while there are also advantages for suppliers, it was difficult to see and even harder to prove. The SBT process achieved the expected cost savings (through streamlined operations), but didn’t generate enough increase in sales to excite manufacturers.

Park City Group asked Willard Bishop Consulting to help develop and test an analytical and implementation process that would enhance the capability of Park City Group SBT services to drive sales.
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Shrinking Shrink
Shrink is a daunting problem for retailers and suppliers alike. According to a recent National Retail Security Survey, shrink costs the retail industry about $31 billion annually. For some retailers, shrink accounts for a staggering 20% of operating profits. In an industry where profitability hinges on a few cents per dollar, every penny makes a difference.
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Vendor Managed Inventory vs. Spreadsheets: Keeping Up With Change
As typewriters gave way to computers, spreadsheets are giving way to sophisticated automated systems that use 852 data to make accurate forecasts, build truck loads and manage inventory planning faster and better than can be done manually. The reasons to automate the VMI process are varied across industries, but some key motivators seem to ring true for all.
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Of Pizza & Planning: A Philosophic Approach to Supply Chains
Out-of-stocks keep retailers and suppliers awake at night, and send empty-handed customers scrambling toward store exits. Of course, in the world of consumer products more can go wrong than running out – overestimating demand, underestimating shrink, or dealing with labor issues, for example. But when it comes to keeping customers happy and bottom lines fat, nothing is as potentially disastrous as an out-of-stock.
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Winning with Perishables in a ‘Value Retailing’ World
In the past ten years, value retailers have grown faster than any other retailing format. From 2001 to 2004, value retailers increased their domestic grocery market share from 21% to 25%. By 2015, value retailers will own approximately 35% of the U.S. grocery market and Wal‐Mart will control 20% in every state (Source: 2005 McKinsey & Company).
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