I&K Distributors Gain Store-Level, Interdepartmental Visibility Using Park City Group’s Visibility & Analytics Shrink Application

In-Store Merchandising Effort Gains Focus Across Multiple Departments Through Increased Visibility to Shrink Data 

PARK CITY, UTMarch 18, 2009 – Park City Group (OTCBB: PCYG), which recently acquired Prescient Applied Intelligence, today announced that I&K Distributors, a DSD (direct store delivery) distributor of high quality refrigerated dairy, deli, bakery, meat and grocery items, has implemented the Visibility & Analytics (V&A) Shrink module. I&K will be using V&A Shrink with a major retail partner, a large Midwestern grocery chain, to track store-level shrink across various categories, across multiple departments. Park City Group provides innovative solutions and services to retailers and suppliers that increase sales while simultaneously reducing out of stocks, shrink and inventories. 

I&K, a Park City Group Scan Based Trading (SBT) customer of over three years, will be using the V&A Shrink module to gain visibility into detailed shrink information at item and store level, allowing them to dissect performance issues by department across all stores. V&A Shrink will provide I&K with multiple views of their business, resulting in analyses of all departmental shrink together and also separately by each department that they serve.  This data will provide them actionable information to find the causes of distribution problems, and provide a roadmap for success by allowing them to solve those problems before they result in store-level shrink. The V&A Shrink module also incorporates point of sale transactional data from their retailer. 

“The V&A Shrink module has opened our eyes, and given us visibility to our product performance above and beyond what we expected.” commented Frank Jobson, I&K Project Manager. “V&A Shrink has improved our distribution and store-level performance by managing our shrink down to impressive levels.” 

Visibility & Analytics (V&A) is a modular web-based business intelligence application that provides a comprehensive view into businesses, giving them a mechanism for reporting and analysis, ultimately allowing them to spend less time looking for answers and more time driving strategic decisions. The V&A Shrink module provides visibility into shrink by product, store, route, and territory; analyzes shrink trends based on historical data; helps identify the root causes of shrink; and enables proactive collaboration with trading partners. 

The data utilized in V&A Shrink is processed through Park City Group’s groundbreaking Retail Data Repository (RDR), a next generation Demand Signal Repository. The RDR provides customers a common network to manage point of sale, intra-day sales, promotions, inventory and other transactional data from retailers and suppliers, and enables Park City Group’s customers to apply this data using their collaborative solutions, such as SBT. 

About Park City Group:

Park City Group is a trusted business solutions and services provider that enable retailers and suppliers to work collaboratively as strategic partners to reduce out-of-stocks, shrink, inventory and labor while improving profits, efficiencies, and customer service. Our innovative solutions provide trading partners a common platform on which they can capture, manage, analyze and share critical data, bringing greater visibility throughout the supply chain, and giving them the power to make better and more informed decisions. For more information, go to www.parkcitygroup.com

Park City Group recently acquired Prescient Applied Intelligence, click here to read more.

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