Direct Store Delivery SBT

Park City Group’s Scan Based Trading maintains the pre-authorized data of record between trading partners including item, cost and promotion. Park City Group receives scan sales, deliveries/returns, initial and ongoing physical inventories that provide the data used in scan sales invoicing, shrink calculation and periodic shrink settlement and invoicing. Park City Group provides visibility into point of sale data, delivered quantities and perpetual inventory. Retailers and suppliers both benefit by spending less time at the back door checking in product, comparing costs, and spending more time focused on value added activities at the store shelf.

Direct Store Delivery SBT Features Include:

  • 100% accurate invoicing for scans and shrink share – no deductions, no short pays
  • Authorization error and cost discrepancy reporting helps maintain synchronization
  • Partners view same data with separate security logins
  • Parameter settings promote management by exception

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