Scan Based Trading

Scan Based Trading, powered by Prescient™ provides retail trading partners with a distinct competitive advantage through scan sales visibility that sets the supply chain in motion and is a proven procurement strategy that guarantees sales results and minimizes or eliminates inventory.

Park City Group’s Scan Based Trading solution aligns interests of retailer and supplier directing the focus where it belongs: stocked shelves and increased sales. By employing Park City Group’s collaborative Scan Based Trading solution, you will also have shared visibility with your suppliers of store/item level shrink, perpetual inventory and accurate daily POS data.

Park City Group Scan Based Trading is a powerful tool which helps retail trading partners drive operational efficiencies, increase distribution, and extract top-notch performance from their supply chains. Our web-based application provides visibility into store-level product movement, allows suppliers to spend more time merchandising product, and removes time-consuming operational drudgery from the retailer-supplier relationship.

Take a minute to assess whether your company should be considering SBT:

  • Are you losing sales because you’re spending too much time checking in, and
    not enough time merchandising your products?
  • How would your ordering and replenishment process change if you had
    greater visibility into shelf-level inventory and POS data?
  • Could you expand distribution if you had a risk-free way to put more product
    on your trading partners shelves?
  • Is your back room costing you margins because of inaccurate counts,
    unauthorized deliveries, and the labor needed to staff it?
  • How much time and resource power do you put into resolving
    invoice discrepancies?
  • How do you currently manage shrink with your trading partners?
  • What challenges do you have around shrink?

Collaboration is key

Retailers who are actively engaged in SBT have seen the following results, and you can expect the same:

  • Improved financial performance and operating capital
  • Reduced out-of-stocks
  • Increased sales by almost $6000/year/store in select categories
  • Reduced inventory by 10% – 30%
  • Improved Assortment
  • Reduced back room hours and trimmed payroll costs significantly
  • Improved Consumer Experience

Suppliers who have embraced SBT have seen the following results, and you can expect the same:

  • Increased sales through expanded distribution
  • Gained an average of 14 minutes more for merchandising
  • Increased route efficiency by 60%
  • Reduced out-of-stocks
  • Shortened delivery time by 300%
  • Improved promotional management
  • Reduced shrink by over 50%

With Scan Based Trading, powered by Prescient™, retailers are seeing greater efficiencies in DSD receiving, lower operating expenses, no-hassle payments, and increased sales. And suppliers are seeing more efficient delivery processes, wider receiving windows, more time for in-store merchandising, and increased sales. Park City Group is a neutral third party with years of experience to help you manage and succeed with Scan Based Trading.

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