Enterprise Demand Planning

Meeting Customer Demand with Better Accuracy

Accurate forecasting is difficult for mature products and nearly impossible for new ones. Factor in promotions and events, and the picture gets more complex. But if you can’t predict or react to changes in demand, you can’t succeed.

If you’re faced with constantly changing demand patterns, our Demand Planning solution will help you turn demand signals or point-of-sale data into actionable information. Our software provides visibility into historical data – seasonal events, promotions, and buying trends. With Park City Group’s Enterprise Demand Planning Solution you can:

  • Improve your forecasts, whether they’re daily, weekly, monthly, or annual
  • Dramatically lower inventory levels
  • Increase service levels

We have a powerful, proven, and easy-to-implement solution that provides the tools you need to forecast and manage customer demand more accurately than ever.

  • Customer Product Profitability analysis at a customer/location/SKU level
  • Variable time periods for forecasting in weekly and monthly increments with daily indexing of demand
  • Flexible demand aggregations (pyramids) to model business processes at product, division, location, customer or other levels
  • Support for top-down, bottom-up and middle-out forecasting
  • Multiple historical and future demand streams, such as promotions, returns, actual orders, shipments and POS
  • New product introduction functionality that creates forecasts for new products by relating historical demand, in whole or in part, from like product(s) to new products
  • User-defined record set configuration, facilitating custom presentation of items that meet a specific criteria or are in need of greatest attention
  • Extensive simulation capability, enabling users to test the impacts of forecast overrides before applying them
  • Enhanced exceptions management functionality supports user-defined exception conditions, helping your planners react quickly to your most pressing issues

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