Time Tracking and Labor Management

ActionManager is a revolutionary labor manager software application that makes its easy to focus on your employees, instead of paper and processes. The easy-to-use interface automates time-consuming tasks such as workforce scheduling, time management and reallocation of tasks.

By integrating every aspect of the labor management process, ActionManager gives managers a birds-eye view of the entire organization so they can effectively manage their resources. ActionManager promotes a strategic approach to workforce management that uses electronic forms to remove the clerical aspect. The application will save time and improve utilization of all of your resources while helping reduce overhead, non-productive labor costs and excess headcount.

Park City Group’s labor tracking software will ensure that you have the right employees in the right place at the right time. With our expert scheduling solution, you can virtually eliminate over- and understaffing. You’ll also be able to better accommodate employee scheduling preferences while improving productivity and morale.

The ActionManager labor management software gives managers all the tools they need to monitor their employees’ actions and the daily operations of the business. This fully automated time management software can deliver results to a dashboard, cell phone or PDA to keep management up-to-speed any time of day.

By optimizing your resources with our work scheduling system, you will finally be rid of costly and time-consuming paper-based manual processes. For more information, please contact us.

ActionManager is also in compliance with labor union, state and federal guidelines.

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